Board and Train

We train your dog for you

Happy Active Dog offers a two week board and train program. This type of training is well suited to people that want a well behaved dog, but do not have the time needed to attend our standard classes and train their dog themselves. During your dog's two week board and train, he/she will be cared for at the trainer's home while being trained by the trainer. The trainer will take your dog to other public locations during the day as well for distraction training and socializing.  In addition you will receive 2 private sessions with the trainer at the end of your dog’s two week stay to show you how to continue reinforcing what your dog has learned. We will do the hard work of introducing, imprinting and reinforcing the new obedience behaviors during your dog’s stay with us. Some benefits of using our program is that more behaviors can be taught in a shorter period of time in one on one sessions with your dog and the trainer. This allows for more repetition and stronger conditioning to the new behaviors being taught.  Our main goal is to meet your dog training goals! When you enroll your dog in Happy Active Dog's Board and Train program we go on many "field trips" with your dog to teach him to stay calm and under control in different environments and levels of distraction

What's Included

  • 2 weeks of boarding and training at trainer's home


  • one on one Daily training sessions with the trainer


  • playtime, exercise, and affection in-between training sessions


  • 2 private lessons with the owner after the two weeks of training with the dog

Training Requirements

  • must show proof of current rabies and bordatella vaccine. must be on flea and tick and heartworm preventative


  • dog must be at least 4 months of age.


  • in order to prevent digestive upset, owner must provide their dog's food during their stay.

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