Private Lessons

from basic to competition


Our obedience program is about building trust, confidence, relationship and then obedience. You will learn how to train your dog! I will show you hands on using a mixture dog psychology and proven training methods how to achieve the ultimate relationship with your dog. Our training program is tailored to your goals and lifestyle. We will work together to cover what you need and want in our interactive training program.


when and where

I suggest having one obedience session per week, but allow up to 2 sessions per week. Going on vacation or need a week off? That is fine. Obedience session times and days may vary according to your schedule. The location of private lessons may be at a mutually agreed upon location or in your own home.


How long

Lessons last approximately one hour each session. If more help is needed at a lesson, that will be provided at no additional charge for as long as the trainer feels necessary. Lateness on the client's part does not prolong the lesson. If an 8 lesson package is purchased you are given 12 weeks to complete the lessons.


What to expect

The training is tailored to what you want, but we do have a suggested list of obedience behaviors to cover for beginner dogs. Obedience behaviors covered in our basic obedience level are discussed and developed during the consultation session.